Delta Pest Control Bedbug Treatment Includes:

  • Thorough inspection of all households items (beds, frames, dressers, sofas, pictures, mirrors, etc.)
  • Vacuuming of all floors, carpets, baseboards, mattresses, bedframes, sofas, etc.
  • 4 level hepa-filter system safe to use in hospitals – zero particle release – allergens/asthma
  • Removal of live/dead bugs & eggs
  • Crack & crevice spray treatment
  • Dusting of all electrical outlets in infested areas
  • Written guarantees
  • All products used or all chemicals used are registered with the Ministry of the Environment.

Additional Treatment Services And Products Available:

  • Steam treatment of all furniture, carpets, floors, etc.
  • Rental of electronic bedbug monitoring system
  • DreamSerene™, with DreamSeal™ (Bug Block) mattress/box-spring encasements & more, at below retail cost
  • Climb-up monitoring devices
  • Caulking of baseboards