Mice, Mice and More Mice?

Fall is fast approaching and so is mouse season.  As temperatures drop and food becomes scarce, the House/Field Mouse will be looking for a warm place to nest for winter.  Homeowners should be on the look out for these uninvited guests.  Although there are preventative measures one can take to keep these critters out, sometimes no matter how diligent you are, they manage to find their way in.

Preventative measures:

Many preventative measures can be taken in order to eliminate entry points.  Outside the home, make sure debris such as tree/grass-clippings, firewood etc. is removed from the perimeter.  This will allow entry holes to be more visible and also reduce exterior nesting areas close to the home. Carefully inspect all hoses/pipes leading outside and/or inside the home.   The caulking around gas pipes, furnace pipes, AC hose lines, pipes under sinks etc. can come away from the wall over time.  Remember, Mice only need an entry way no larger than a dime.  These gaps, if found, should be filled with steel wool and spray foam.  IMPORTANT:  DO NOT FILL ANY HOLES IF ANY MICE ACTIVITY IS FOUND.  If you seal holes prematurely you may be trapping mice in your home.  Barbecues should also be thoroughly cleaned, particularly if not used over the winter months, as food debris will attract mice. Finally, Grass and Bird Seed should be stored in sealed containers, particularly if stored in sheds or garage.  Food inside home also needs to be stored properly.

Where and what to look for:

For the first signs of mice, look for droppings in your garage, furnace room, and of course, under your kitchen sink.  Mice droppings are usually about the size and shape of an uncooked grain of rice.  Mice are usually very skittish, so it is rare to see an actual mouse when an infestation first begins.

They usually nest in your wall voids (between your drywall and brick) and are terrific climbers.  They can climb from the basement up to the attic and back down and wherever they find a small hole they enter looking for food and water.

Once you have identified mice in your home, call Delta Pest Control immediately.  Don’t waist your money on store bought items.  They are either too messy, don’t work fast enough or don’t work at all.  Meanwhile your infestation is growing, making it more difficult to get rid of.

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