Dos and Don'ts of Raccoon Removal

Got raccoons in your house?

They're a wild bunch and they've got as much protection from harmful eviction as you do.

It's easy to stop them from getting inside but they're difficult to remove once they've set up house in your roof, walls and under the porch.

Pest control firms must follow the provincial law that protects wildlife such as raccoons, squirrels and skunks from harm — even when they cause homeowner havoc.

"The law states you are not allowed to take them more than a kilometre from where they are trapped and, obviously, you can't kill them," said Iris Roth, co-owner of Delta Pest Control Inc., a family-owned Toronto area firm that's been in the business since 1959.

She said getting raccoons out of your home involves placing a one-way door at the animal's point of entry so they can get out, but not back in.

If they are trapped in a cage, food and water must be provided. If raccoon pups have been separated from their mother they must be fed and cannot be removed until they are six weeks old.

"As soon as they are trapped and we get a call from the homeowner we have to pick it up. If there's a full nest and the mother comes out we have to put the babies in a box near the house or the mother will take apart the roof to get back in," Roth said.

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